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Ag Diversification and Market Development Bureau
Child Eating Apple
"A" is for Apple Initiative

The popularity of the “A is for Apple” Initiative has grown each year.  Over 14,000 Iowa students have participated in “A is for Apple” since 2008.  This year, we’d like to expand that reach and join thousands of students across the Midwest in celebrating food and the local growers producing it.

To reach this goal,  we are asking schools to take part in the Midwest Great Apple Crunch on October 22 by joining students from other states by taking a bite out of an apple at noon central standard time. 

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship is offering funding to schools to purchase locally grown apples for this event.   In addition to fresh apples now, we will offer schools books for their classroom or an apple corer plus funds to buy frozen Iowa-grown apples to share with students later. 

To take part in “A is for Apple,” complete the application and submit it by October 1, 2015.  To measure the impact and reach of this event, we also ask that you register your participation by going to http://bit.ly/MidwestAppleCrunch.

As a bonus incentive, one school participating in “A is for Apple” and the Midwest Great Apple Crunch will win an apple sampling by Iowa Choice Harvest for their entire school.  A winner will be drawn from those participating in “A is for Apple” and the Midwest Great Apple Crunch that submits a photo of their apple event. 
Incentives for teachers/students:

  • $30 to purchase fresh, locally grown apples
  • An additional $10 for you to purchase Iowa Choice Harvest Apples.  Each 1# package contains frozen slices of up to 21 apple varieties, including some heirloom varieties.
  • Supplies for your classroom or an apple corer
  • Help support the local food movement and raise awareness of healthy, local food
  • Iowa Choice Harvest will visit one lucky school for an apple sampling for the whole school


Feedback from the 2008 Apple Inititiative


Ideas for Your Classroom

Check out these Apple Websites

Find an Apple Orchard in Your Area

The A is for Apple Initiative is part of the Iowa Farm to School Program

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