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Sensitive Crops Directory

Sensitive Crops and Apiaries

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has created a registry for producers to list the locations of their pesticide sensitive crops and for beekeepers to list the locations of their apiaries.  This registry will be used to create an on-line directory for use by pesticide applicators to identify the locations of sensitive crops and apiaries and minimize the potential for pesticide drift damage.

Sensitive Crops

The Sensitive Crops Directory will provide pesticide applicators with the locations of those crops that are most susceptible to pesticide drift damage.  The intended crops for inclusion in the registry are vineyards (minimum one acre), orchards (minimum one acre), certified organic crops (minimum one acre), and fruit and vegetable crops (minimum ½ acre).The crops at each registered location must be intended for commercial use, be susceptible to pesticide drift damage, and meet the minimum acreage requirements.  The registry will accommodate the registration of multiple sensitive crop locations under one producer.  If multiple crops are located in the same location, only the primary crop for that location need be listed.


The Sensitive Crops Directory will help protect honey bees from exposure to chemicals that are toxic to bees. By adding the locations of your beehives to the registry, pesticide applicators will be able to locate and minimize exposure to applied pesticides.  Effective January 22, 2009, the Department adopted an amended “Pesticide/Bee Rule” of the Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 21-45.31(206).  The Rule reads:

The Rule reads:

“45.31(1) Owners of apiaries, in order to protect their bees from pesticide applications, shall register the location of their apiaries with the state apiarist.  Registration shall be on forms provided by the department.  The registration expires December 31 each year and may be renewed the following year.

45.31(2) Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., a commercial applicator shall not apply to blooming crops pesticides labeled as toxic to bees when the commercial applicator is located within one mile of a registered apiary.; A commercial applicator shall be responsible for maintaining the one-mile distance from apiaries that are registered and listed on the sensitive crop registry on the first day of each month.

This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code sections 206.6(5)”a”(3) and 206.19(2).”

This amendment effectively ends notification by applicators to beekeepers within the area, but limits and restricts the timing of applications within a one mile radius of the hives.    

Forms referred to in the “Pesticide/Bee Rule” can be provided as paper copies by contacting the Department, or interactive online registration may be accessed by clicking on the “Producers” box under the picture of the airplane near the top of this web page.

Annual Registration

Registered producers and beekeepers may update their information at any time during the year.  However, because registration expires December 31st of each year, producers and beekeepers that wish to remain actively registered must confirm, and edit if necessary, their registration information beginning in January of the following year.

 Deer & Elk Producer Premise Locations

Individuals who raise deer and elk are also concerned about the application of pesticides, particularly those applications made by air near their herds. Because of the nature of these animals, planes overhead and adjacent to herd areas are known to cause significant detrimental effects, including the breaking of fences and subsequent injury to the animals, resulting in economic losses to the herdsmen. A listing of deer and elk premise locations is
provided so that the aerial application of pesticides, and/or plane turns near these locations can be avoided whenever possible. This listing is being provided in addition to the listing for “Sensitive Crops.


The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided by the producers or adverse action relating to the directory.  All information is provided to the department by the producers and the department reserves the right to determine eligible producers and eligible sensitive crop locations.  The directory is provided as a service to producers and pesticide applicators and does not remove any liability of the directory user to follow all applicable laws, regulations, and rules.
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Order Field Markers

Field Markers

The department has ordered field markers that will be available on a cost share basis to registered producers.  Producers are asked to post the field markers at the physical location of the pesticide sensitive crop at a height above the crop canopy that will make the field markers visible to both ground and aerial applicators

Aid with Field Locations: 

Sensitive Crops Directory site locations may be entered either as Legal Descriptions or as GPS decimal-point latitude and longitude coordinates.  Both types of descriptions (legal and GPS) may be entered, but only one is required.  The Township Name in which a site is located is required for both types of descriptions (legal and GPS).

For assistance in acquiring GPS coordinates from Google Maps, click here

County plat maps are useful tools for acquiring the legal description(s) of your site(s).  Local FSA and NRCS offices can assist you in acquiring this information; your local financial institution may also be able to help in obtaining this information.  For legal descriptions, the Sensitive Crops Directory requires the Township Name, Township Number, Township Range, Section Number, and, depending upon the size of your site, possibly the 1/4; Section,1/4; of 1/4; Section, etc.  ISU Extension provides a review of legal description here


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