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Ag Diversification and Market Development Bureau
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"Wrap Your Own- Iowa Grown” Initiative


This is your chance to wrap up something great from our state! “Wrap Your Own-Iowa Grown” is an initiative of the Iowa Farm to School Program that was started in the fall of 2009. It’s back this year and it is a great opportunity for schools, students, teachers, parents, and the communities to get involved and promote Iowa producers and the Iowa economy, not to mention to encourage healthy eating habits for our children and our future. The goal of this initiative is to promote the purchase of locally-grown vegetables and products to create Iowa grown wraps. This is also an opportunity for students to eat something healthy with great Iowa fixins!

How can you participate, you ask? Get involved by having your Food Service Director volunteer to participate by filling out the following form. By participating in this Initiative your school will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive “Wrap Your Own-Iowa Grown” wrap paper
  • Receive a list of growers/producers/processors that have Iowa products
  • Receive $200 to assist with the purchase of locally grown vegetables and to help implement this initiative
  • Receive recipes for different kinds of wraps
  • Provide your students with a healthy lunch option = happy parents, teachers, and students and a potential decrease in childhood obesity
  • Promote your students/school to get involved in the “Now That’s a Wrap” contest

(Participation Form)

The school with the best wrap recipe using the most local ingredients will receive $300 toward the purchase of more fruits/vegetables as well as an assembly with media coverage, 25 t-shirts, and promotional items delivered by a live vegetable!  So help your school WIN!

If you are a student, there is a great opportunity to promote healthy eating and Iowa to your schools by participating in our “Now That’s a Wrap” contest. All you have to do is submit a photo taken by you that captures the best looking fruits and vegetables grown in IOWA!  (Consider markets/farms/greenhouses…but think Iowa grown.) 

Take a look at South HamiltonElementary School's "Now That's a Wrap Video"

2010 Contest offered students the opportunity to create their own great wrap.  Click here to view the recipe submitted from Phillip Chang of Price Lab School. 

For more information regarding the Wrap Your Own- Iowa Grown Initiative contact:

Tammy Stotts


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