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Entomology and Plant Science Bureau

Seed Regulatory Program


Agricultural & Vegetable Seed

The Seed Regulatory Program assures that all agricultural and vegetable seed sold in Iowa meets the criteria established in the Iowa statutes and rules. The Entomology & Plant Science Bureau coordinates the inspection by IDALS Agricultural Inspectors of seed labels at seed companies across Iowa. The companies must show that required tests have been conducted and that the correct information is recorded on the label. In certain cases, samples are taken for analysis at the Iowa State University Seed Laboratory. Each company labeling agricultural seed for sale must have a permit.

                Application for an Agricultural or Vegetable Seed Permit

Seed Libraries

A qualified seed library may be a library district formed under Iowa Code section 336.2, a library board functioning under Iowa Code section 392.5, or an Iowa food bank or Iowa emergency feeding organization recognized by the Iowa Department of Revenue. A qualified seed library is subject to permitting by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, but is not subject to labeling, testing and fees for giving, distributing or exchanging agricultural seed as long as all of the following apply:

  1. The exchanges or distributions are made at a single location and no money is exchanged;
  2. All seed is intended for planting in Iowa;
  3. Individuals receive two pounds or less of seed annually;
  4. The seed has not been treated with pesticide;
  5. Patented, protected or propriety varieties of seed are used or included in the qualified seed library only with the permission of the patent or certificate holder, developer or owner of the intellectual property associated with the variety;
  6. The certified seed status is not misused or misrepresented; and
  7. The seed has not been placed under a stop sale order by the department or any other regulatory agency.

All Seed Library Permits are free, but do require annual renewals, also free.

Application for Seed Library Permit



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Plant Inspectors



Mailing Address: Iowa Lab Facility,  Entomology & Plant Science, 2230 S. Ankeny Blvd.,  Ankeny, IA 50023 : PH: 515-725-1470
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