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Brianna (Bree-ah-na)

This white-wine grape was produced by Elmer Swenson, a pioneering grape breeder who introduced a number of new cultivars that are hardy in the Upper Midwest.

Brianna vines produce medium-sized clusters of grapes that mature early in the season to a greenish gold to gold color. This cultivar has good cold-hardiness to around -25°F. It also shows good vigor, a productive nature, and is generally resistant to the common grape diseases.

Brianna grapes can produce a nicely balanced, semi-sweet, white wine with a fruity nose and apricot, peach, pineapple, and honey flavors. Brianna is also planted for white grape juice production. Recently interest has grown in this cultivar, and Iowa’s wineries are poised to create new and unique wines from its grapes




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