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Animal Industry Bureau

Iowa Recorded Livestock Brands
Updated 04/03/2018

Each brand record appearing in this directory will include the following information:

Ettleman, William (Bill) J    Name and address of brand owner
2302 Bluff Road
Thurman, IA 51654
Fremont, Mills                  County (ies) where livestock are kept
12176 RH                        Brand number / Location on animal

Brand design

Only the following six locations on the animal are allowed for recording: LH – left hip; LR – left rib; LS – left shoulder; RH – right hip; RR – right rib; RS – right shoulder.

The brands are arranged alphabetically by letter (Brandabetical A-Z), numerically (Numbers 2-9), and alphabetically by Character. Examples of characters that may appear in each section are shown in parentheses, such as Character A (Anchor, Arrow). The number one (1) is always referred to as the letter I. The letter Q is not recorded.

The absence of a brand design from this directory does not mean that it is automatically available for recording. Brands that are not renewed are held in a five-year forfeiture status during which time they are not available for recording by a person other than the former owner, unless the former owner agrees to transfer the design.

If you have questions about interpreting information in the directory, please contact the Brand Recorder at 515-281-8604.

Brands Listed Alphabetically Brands Listed by Character

Brandabetical A's

Brandabetical B's

Brandabetical C's

Brandabetical D's & E's

Brandabetical F's & G's

Brandabetical H's & I's

Brandabetical J's

Brandabetical K's

Brandabetical L's

Brandabetical M's

Brandabetical N's & O's

Brandabetical P's & Q's

Brandabetical R's

Brandabetical S's

Brandabetical T's

Brandabetical U's, V's & W's

Brandabetical X's, Y's & Z's

Character A

Character B (Bar, Broken Bar)

Character B (Box, Broken Box)

Character C

Character D

Character E, F, G & H

Character I, J, K & L

Character M, N, O, P, Q & R

Character S

Character T, U & V

Character W, X, Y & Z

Brands Listed by Number

Number Brands


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