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Animal Industry Bureau

Avian Influenza Biosecurity
What poultry producers can do to prevent an AI outbreak

Poultry producers should strengthen biosecurity practices to prevent the introduction of AI into their flocks. The following are some sound biosecurity practices:

  • Keep an "all-in, all-out" philosophy of flock management. Avoid skimming flocks-birds left behind are exposed to work crews and equipment that may carry poultry disease viruses. Process each lot of birds separately, and clean and disinfect poultry houses between flocks.
  • Protect poultry flocks from coming into contact with wild or migratory birds. Keep poultry away from any source of water that may have been contaminated by wild birds.
  • Permit only essential workers and vehicles to enter the farm.
  • Provide clean clothing and disinfection facilities for employees.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect equipment and vehicles (including tires and undercarriage) entering and leaving the farm.
  • Do not loan to or borrow equipment or vehicles from other farms.
  • Change footwear and clothing before working with your own flock after visiting another farm or live-bird market or avoid visiting another bird farm if possible.
  • Do not bring birds from slaughter channels, especially those from live-bird markets, back to the farm.

If AI is detected, farms must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. AI is inactivated by heat and drying and it is also very sensitive to most disinfectants and detergents. The area to be disinfected must be clear of organic material, which greatly increases the resistance of avian influenza virus' resistance to disinfection.

Source: USDA / APHIS

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