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Animal Industry Bureau

Cervidae Intrastate Movement Requirements

66.14(1) All intrastate movements of Cervidae other than to a state or federally inspected slaughter establishment shall be accompanied by an intrastate movement Certificate of Veterinary Inspection signed by a licensed, accredited veterinarian. Movement of CWD susceptible Cervidae, other than direct movement to slaughter, shall only be allowed from herds that have been enrolled in the Iowa CWD monitoring program and have successfully completed at least one year. As used in this subrule, “been enrolled” means that the herd owner has received from the department written notification of the herd’s enrollment and participation in the program.
66.14(2) Such intrastate movement certificate shall include all of the following:
       a. Consignor’s name and address.
       b. Consignee’s name and address.
       c. Individual, official identification of each animal.
       d. For CWD susceptible Cervidae, the certificate shall include the CWD herd premises number, the herd status level, the anniversary date, and the expiration date. The following statement must be included on the certificate:

“All Cervidae listed on this certificate have been part of the herd of origin for at least one year or were natural additions to the herd. There has been no diagnosis, sign, or epidemiological evi­dence of chronic wasting disease in this herd for the past year.”

       e. For Cervidae other than CWD susceptible Cervidae, the following statement must be included on the certificate:

 “The animal(s) has not spent any time within the past 36 months in a zoo, animal menagerie, or like facility, or has not been on the same premises as a cervid herd which has been classified as a CWD infected herd, exposed herd, or trace herd.” This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code chapter 163 and Iowa Code Supplement chapter 170.


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