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Animal Industry Bureau

Scrapie Program ID Requirements

Animals that must be officially identified before leaving your farm:

Sheep – All sexually intact sheep departing from the farm, whether for change of ownership, marketing/slaughter*, or any other sale or lease** to another person, or to attend an exhibition. This includes adult breeding animals and ewe lambs and ram lambs. Wethers under 18 months of age do not need ID.

Goats – All sexually intact goats that are registered, are used for exhibition, or that have resided with sheep. (Goats may be identified with either the official plastic ear tags, or an approved tattoo (call the ear tag order number below for approval of your tattoo).

* Animals under 18 months of age moving directly to a slaughter facility (not through an auction market or dealer) do not require official ID.
** Rams which are leased out should be identified to the owners’ flock, and the owner must keep records as to the ram’s movements.

You are required to maintain records for five years on all animals requiring official ID that enter or depart from your flock. Records must include the name and address, or official ID number of the other party, the flock of origin of the animal (flock where it last resided in which it was either born, or used for breeding purposes), and the date of the transaction.

When buying animals: Make sure that the animal has official identification, (unless it is a wether lamb, or some goats as listed above). Record the information listed above.

When selling animals that require official ID: If the animal does not already have an official ID ear tag, then place the official flock ID ear tag in the animal before leaving the farm, and it is recommended that you link the individual ID number listed on that tag to your other production records on the animal. If the animal was not born in your flock, and still has the original official ID ear tag from the previous flock, then you do not need to apply your ear tag. If the original tag has fallen out, then make a record when you apply your ear tag as to where you acquired that animal. Never remove official ID. Create a record of all sales showing the number of animals sold, the date, and the market or buyer. It is recommended that you also record the ID of the animals sold, if possible.

Remember that all sheep and goats sold privately other than to slaughter require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) in order to move. (You do not need a CVI to sell through a licensed livestock market or dealer).

To order Official Flock ID Ear Tags, or Register Your Goat Tattoo, call toll free: 1-866-USDA-TAG (873-2824)

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