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Boards & Commissions


The Dairy Advisory Board consist of 1 Republican Senator and House Representative and 1 Democratic Senator and House Representative along with members from the Dairy Industry, State Departments, dairy support groups and producers. They are our way of keeping all groups, along with the public, informed if potential health issues should arise in the dairy industry.

The Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine consists of five members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate

Iowa Farm to School Council

The Farm to School Program is coordinated by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship in partnership with the Iowa Department of Education and a seven-member Farm to School Council.

Iowa Grain Indemnity Fund Board

The Iowa grain indemnity fund board is established to advise the department on matters relating to the fund and to perform the duties provided it in this chapter. The board is composed of the secretary of agriculture or a designee who shall serve as president; the commissioner of insurance or a designee who shall serve as secretary; the state treasurer or a designee who shall serve as treasurer; and four
representatives of the grain industry appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the senate, two of whom shall be representatives of producers and who shall be actively participating producers, and two of whom shall be representatives of grain dealers and warehouse operators and who shall be actively participating grain dealers and warehouse operators, each of whom shall be selected from a list of three nominations made by the secretary of agriculture. The term of membership of the grain industry representatives is three years, and the representatives are eligible for reappointment. However, only actively participating producers, and grain dealers and warehouse operators are eligible for reappointment

The 11 member Organic Advisory Council advises the Department on organic agriculture policy. The council works closely with Organic Certification Program staff, provides input on the administration of the certification program, and establishes fees. Six members are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and 5 members are appointed by the Governor.

Iowa Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Board

The Iowa Renewable Infrastructure Program is designed to assist retail operators of motor fuel dispensing sites or fueling stations in the conversion of their equipment to allow the expanded use of renewable fuels in Iowa.   The program utilizes grant incentives to encourage these upgrades

Iowa State Soil Conservation & Water Quality Committee

The SSCWA as authorized in Iowa Code Section 161A.4 consists of nine voting members appointed by the Governor. Of these voting members, six are farmers geographically distributed across the state, and the remaining three represent the constituencies of cities, the mining industry, and tree farming. Ex officio, non-voting members of the committee include representatives of the Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Service. Non-voting advisory members of the committee include representatives of the U. S. Department of Agriculture and Iowa County Engineers Association.

Watershed Planning Advisory Council
The Watershed Planning Advisory Council was established in 2010 by the Iowa Legislature for purposes of assembling a diverse group of stakeholders to review research and make periodic recommendations to various state and federal agencies regarding methods to best protect water resources in Iowa, assure an adequate supply of water, mitigate and prevent floods, and coordinate the management of those resources in a sustainable, fiscally responsible, and environmentally responsible manner.

Water Resources Coordinating Council
The purpose of the council shall be to preserve and protect Iowa's water resources, and to coordinate the management of those resources in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner. In the pursuit of this purpose, the council shall use an integrated approach to water resource management, recognizing that insufficiencies exist in current approaches and practices, as well as in funding sources and the utilization of funds.



Mailing Address: IDALS,  Wallace State Office Building,   502 E. 9th Street,  Des Moines, IA 50319:     PH: 515-281-5321
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