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Department of Agriculture Contacts

This directory lists our employees alphabetically. If you click on an individual's last name you will receive complete contact information for that individual. If your are trying to contact our Field Office Staff or Soil Commissioners Click Here


First Name: Last Name: Position: Bureau:
Judy Allison Grain Market Reporter Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Ruben Alvarez Meat Inspector Meat & Poultry Inspection

Jim Anderson Field Inspector Meat & Poultry Inspection

Jason Badgett Lab Iowa Laboratory

Mary Baker Secretary Mines & Minerals

Melanie Banta Chemist Supervisor Iowa Laboratory

Mark Bickal Inspector Weights & Measures

Stephanie Black Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

Maison Bleam Special Assistant/scheduler Administration

Sophia Borts Administrative Assistant II Feed & Fertilizer

Michael Bourland Mine Reclamation Engineer Mines & Minerals

Michelle Boyd ESRPS Coordinator Feed & Fertilizer

David Brown Bureau Chief Dairy Products Control

Tracy Bruun Field Representative Soil Conservation & Water Quality

Sam Burnight Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

Kate Bussanmas Field Services Representative Field Services

Dr. Laura Castro Program Planner Pesticide

Dee Clausen Premise ID Coordinator, CWD Animal Industry

Richard Colwell Pesticide Investigator - East Central Pesticide

Randy Cooney Mine Reclamation Mines & Minerals

Karla Crawford Permits, Licenses & Registrations (Large Animals) Animal Industry

Ren Davenport Accountant Accounting

Olena Derzhayeva Accountant II Grain Warehouse

Brandon Dittman Environmental Specialist Senior Water Resources

Ginny Eason Veterinary Licensing (info), Veterinary Technician Licensing (info), Veterinary License Verification, Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine Animal Industry

Jeff Eichenberger Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Aaron Ellensohn Inspector Weights & Measures

Dixie Erdman Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

LuAnn Folkers Admin. Assist. Entomology & Plant Science

Mike Franklin Environmentalist Specialist Senior Field Services

Alicia Freed Human Resources Administration

Brian Fuller Inspector Weights & Measures

Bill Gamble Quality Manager Iowa Laboratory

Justin Glisan, Ph.D. State Climatologist Climatology

Tammy Green Commercial Applicator Licenses & Certification, Pesticide Dealer Licensing & Reporting Pesticide

Wallace Greenlees Envir. Eng. Mines & Minerals

Wayne Grier Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

Stephanie Groom Program Planner Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Nick Groves Entomologist Entomology & Plant Science

Nicole Gubbels Administrative Assistant 2 Soil Conservation & Water Quality

Carol Halferty Pesticide Case Review Pesticide

Ivan Hankins Technical Coordinator Weights & Measures

Brad Hannah Investigator Pesticide

Jake Hansen Bureau Chief Water Resources

Mike Harrington Inspector Weights & Measures

Steve Hatfield Inspector Weights & Measures

Ron Hein LAN Administrator Administration

Paul Hitzel Information Technology Specialist Administration

Janis Hochstetler Meat & Poultry Inspection

Gina Holt Human Resource Manger Administration

Shauna Humrich Media & Technology Coordinator Administration

Katie Hyde Organic Handler Specialist Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Erik James Livestock Reporter Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Casey Johnson Bureau Chief Accounting

Andrew Joseph Apiarist Entomology & Plant Science

Dr. Jeff Kaisand Assistant State Veterinarian Animal Industry

James Kennedy Bureua Chief Grain Warehouse

Julie Kenney Deputy Secretary of Ag Administration

Cheryl Killen Administrative Assistant Weights & Measures

Mike Kintner Entomologist Entomology & Plant Science

Dr. Travis Knight Bureau Chief Iowa Laboratory

Jo-Anne Knoops Administrative Assistant 1 Pesticide

Johathan Koele Accounting Technician 2 Accounting

Susan Kozak Bureau Chief Mines & Minerals

Susan Kozak Acting Division Director Soil Conservation & Water Quality

Lane Kozel State Weed Commissioner Entomology & Plant Science

Judie Krebsbach Environmental Specialist Senior Water Resources

Lloyd Krutzfeldt Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Dan Kuhlman Accountant Accounting

Lisa Kurt Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Jennifer Lara Program Coordinator- Worker Protection, Groundwater & Endangered Species Pesticide

Matt Lechtenberg Water Quality Coordinator Soil Conservation & Water Quality

Lori Lewis Administrative Assistant Field Services

Becky Lorenz Administrative Assistant Administration

Alexandra (Lexi) Marek Executive Assistant Administration

Morrie Marks Meat Inspector Meat & Poultry Inspection

James Martin Regional Basin Coordinator - Southeast Iowa Water Resources

Ed McCreary Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Matt McDonald Field Services Representative Field Services

Andrea McKern Organic Livestock Specialist Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Jamey Meyer Organic Inspector Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Bob Mikota Pesticide Investigator - Southeast Pesticide

Paul Miller Urban Conservationist Water Resources

Kelly Mitchell Entomologist Entomology & Plant Science

Stephen Moline Division Director Consumer Protection & Industry Services Division

Stephen Moline Division Director Food Safety & Animal Health Division

Will Myers Water Quality Coordinator Soil Conservation & Water Quality

Michael Naig Secretary of Agriculture Administration

Derek Namanny Urban Conservation Field Services

Jerry Neppel WIRB Water Resources

Deb O'Neil Meat & Poultry Inspection

Deanna Overton Administrative Assistant 2 Animal Industry

Paul Ovrom State Horticulturalist Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Dr. Gretchen Paluch Bureau Chief Pesticide

Deanna Poe Horse & Dog Program Animal Industry

Kathryn Polking Bureau Chief Meat & Poultry Inspection

Lisa Potter Accounting Technician 2 Accounting

Robin Pruisner State Entomologist Entomology & Plant Science

Larry Pudenz Inspector Weights & Measures

Alissa Puffett Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

Alex Rausch Information Specialist Administration

Todd Richardson Inspector Weights & Measures

Karen Robbins Private Pesticide Applicator Certifications Pesticide

Sherry Roberts Pet Food Coordinator Federal & State Feed Mill Inspections Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Marc Rue Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

Kristin Sadler Livestock Inspector Animal Industry

Margie Salazar Administrative Assistant 2 Dairy Products Control

Meshack Sambu Inspector Meat & Poultry Inspection

Dr. David Schmitt State Veterinarian Animal Industry

Dwayne Seeck Pesticide Investigator Central Pesticide

Stephanie Sissel Budget Analyst 3 Accounting

Vince Sitzmann Bureau Chief Field Services

Chad Smith Inspector Weights & Measures

Nicole Snider Inspector Pesticide

Wes Sommerfeldt Inspector Weights & Measures

Ryan Starkey Environmental Specialist Mines & Minerals

Elizabeth Steinbron Meat Inspector Meat & Poultry Inspection

Scot Stodola Agriculture Products Inspector Feed & Fertilizer

Tammy Stotts Marketing Specialist Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

David Suchan Environmental Specialist Senior Mines & Minerals

Jake Swanson Legislative Liaison Administration

Greg Thessen Director, Iowa Agriculture Statistics Agriculture Statistics

Rachel Thompson Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Margaret Thomson Division Director Administration

Jeff Tisl Regional Coordinator Water Resources

Sadie Todd Entomologist Entomology & Plant Science

Tony Toigo Loan Program Coordinator Field Services

Troy Tucker Information Technology Specialist Administration

Doug Tyrrell Pesticide Investigator - North Central Pesticide

Dustin VandeHoef Communication Director Administration

Gerry VandeVorde Compliance Investigator Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Steve VanHelten Pesticide Investigator -Northeast Pesticide

Neal Vaughn Fertilizer Administrator Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Jeff Verzal Compliance Investigator Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Todd Voss Entomologist Entomology & Plant Science

Rylie Waite Receptionist Administration

Jeff Walker Accountant Grain Warehouse

Bob Waters Regional Coordinator Water Resources

Randy Watts Bureau Chief Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Randy Watts Bureau Chief Weights & Measures

Kevin Wiemers Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Maury Wills Bureau Chief Agricultural Diversification & Market Development

Barry Wills Inspector Commercial Feed & Fertilizer

Ashley Wos Environmental Engineer Mines & Minerals

Woody Wright Pesticide Investigator - Southwest Pesticide

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Mailing Address: IDALS,  Wallace State Office Building,   502 E. 9th Street,  Des Moines, IA 50319:     PH: 515-281-5321
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