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Commercial Feed and Fertilizer Bureau
On Farm Fertilizer Storage

Farmers must follow all laws and rules regarding secondary containment, loading and unloading of liquid and non-liquid bulk fertilizers and placement restrictions of Anhydrous Ammonia storage locations.  As a result, the following regulations apply:

Bulk Dry Fertilizers

  • Fertilizers can be offloaded directly onto the applicator in the field of application,
  • Bulk dry fertilizers must be stored in a totally enclosed building; loading of the fertilizer into the applicator or a tender truck must take place within the building. 
  • If the loading/unloading of dry fertilizer does not take place in one of the locations listed above, then  an approved load pad is required that meets the specifications of the Iowa Administrative code 21-44.57(2). 

Liquid Fertilizers

  • Storage of volumes greater than 5000 gal must have secondary containment.  A container or a combination of containers with a volume of 5000 gal or less is exempt
  • Loading and unloading pads are required for those facilities with secondary containment.
  • All secondary containment and loading/unloading pads must have plans drawn by a registered engineer that are in compliance with Iowa Administrative Code 21-44.57(1) and submitted to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. 


Liquid Fertilizer Containment

Liquid Fertilizer Containment

Anhydrous Ammonia storage must comply with the following before installation and use:

Anhydrous Ammonia Installation

Anhydrous Ammonia installation

  • Anhydrous Ammonia storage tanks must be approved by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship before being brought into the state.
  • A Department inspector must approve the site of the storage container before any application can take place.
  • A proposed Anhydrous Ammonia storage site must also be approved by the local jurisdiction (city or county) before construction.

  • Site plans, plumbing diagram, pier diagrams and documentation of local approval must be submitted with an application and the Department must approve it before construction can begin.
  • Nurse tanks must also comply with all laws and regulations.
  • Permanent Anhydrous Ammonia storage sites must be inspected annually by Department inspectors. 
To contact the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Feed and Fertilizer Bureau you can reach Neal Vaughn at 515-242-6338 or


Fertilizer Tanks

A non-mobile tank, 5000+ gal capacity will require secondary containment.


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