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Commercial Feed & Fertilizer Bureau
Randy Watts, Bureau Chief

Commercial Feed

‘Effective July 1, 2017, Feed licenses will go from one year licensing to two year licensing. The two year licensing fee is $20.00’.


Certificate of Free Sale

Commercial Feed Inspection Fee Report

Commercial Feed Tonnage Report

Commercial Feed Licensee List

Exempt Customers List

Feed Analysis Report


Pet Food

Iowa Commercial Feed Historical Data

Examiner sampling fertilizer



Veterinary Feed Directive - an Overview (video)

Veterinary Feed Directive for Veterinarians (video)

Veterinary Feed Directive for Feed Distributors (video)

Veterinary Feed Directive for Animal Producers (video)


VFD Update/Drug Residue Prevention


Mission Statement

Serving consumers by promoting an honest, equitable marketplace, and to encourage integrity in Agriculture and Industry through education and regulation

Examiners checking Anhydrous tanks

Anhydrous Ammonia Regulation and Guidelines

Drought Resources

Meth Inhibitor - What You Need to Know

Guidelines for Reporting Spills

Egg Handlers Information

Tissue Residue Prevention

Tissue Residue Education

Licensing and Distributing Fertilizer and Soil Conditioners

Field Staff

Fertilizer Administrator

Neal Vaughn-------------------515-249-2938


Jeff Eichenberger --------------515-249-2830              

Lloyd Krutzfeldt----------------515- 975-7183 

Lisa Kurt ---------------------  515-494-4758  

Ed McCreary-------------------515-494-7489        

Kevin Wiemers---------------- 515-249-3129       

Barry Wills----------------------515-249-3709        

Rachel Thompson-----------515-201-0641

Scot Stodola ------------------ 515-249-2751

Compliance Investigators     

Gerald Vandevorde----------515-249-2591       

Jeff Verzal - AFRPS Coordinator-------515-249-3192 

Commercial Fertilizer

On Farm Fertilizer Storage

Ag Limestone Quarry Certification Report

Bulk Dry Animal Nutrient Licenses

Certified Soil Testing Laboratories

Soil Testing Lab Certification Program

Commercial Fertilizer Licensee List

Fertilizer Analysis Report

Fertilizer Distribution Report

Fertilizer Inspection Fee Report (Tonnage Report)

Historical Fertilizer Usage

Iowa Limestone Company Listing

Lawn Applicator Licensee List

Office Staff

Sophia Borts----515-281-8597
Administrative Assistant

Sherry Roberts--------515-281-8603
Pet Food Coordinator

Michelle Boyd---------515-725-4111
ESRPS Coordinator


Examiner checking a feed mill

Mailing Address: IDALS,  Wallace State Office Building,   502 E. 9th Street,  Des Moines, IA 50319:     PH: 515-281-5321
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