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State Soil Conservation & Water Quality Committee

The Division of Soil Conservation and Water Quality is administered in accordance with policies established by the State Soil Conservation & Water Quality Committee (SSCWQC). Primary authorities of the State Soil Conservation  & Water Quality Committee are to:

  • Establish policy for the administration of Division of Soil Conservation & Water Quality programs
  • Approve rules of the Division prior to adoption
  • Recommend annually, to the Secretary of Agriculture, a budget for the Division
  • Call upon agencies and education institutions of the state for reports, surveys, or studies necessary to carry out its functions
  • Perform acts and hold public hearings as necessary for the execution of its functions
  • Appoint commissioners to fill vacancies in soil and water conservation districts
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of soil and water conservation issues and the development of policy and program initiatives
  • Review district soil loss limits every five years

The SSCWQC as authorized in Iowa Code Section 161A.4 consists of nine voting members appointed by the Governor. Of these voting members, six are farmers geographically distributed across the state, and the remaining three represent the constituencies of cities, the mining industry, and tree farming. Ex officio, non-voting members of the committee include representatives of the Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Service. Non-voting advisory members of the committee include representatives of the U. S. Department of Agriculture and Iowa County Engineers Association.

Become a Water & Soil Conservation District Commissioner (pdf)

State Soil Conservation & Water Quality Committee Research and Demonstration Grant Program (pdf)

Download the SSCWQC logo (jpg)




Mailing Address: IDALS,  Wallace State Office Building,   502 E. 9th Street,  Des Moines, IA 50319:     PH: 515-281-5321
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